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I live in chronic pain. The reason for my pain, is Endometriosis. I was diagnosed through surgery when I was 17. I have decided to have this blog, so that those in my life can get a peek into my day to day issues that affect my life in every way.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

just getting this post up, will edit it up WAY better later

I already so anti-Endo I don’t want keep this updated.

My one appointment went okay, we just went over the fact I am still the same. Got an appointment/referral to an urologist finally, only been having issues since April 2008... My appointment will be august 31'st.

was supposed to see another doc, on Tuesday but he was sick to look at my blood work/hormone levels that are being created by taking the Indian drug I am trying, and to possibly ask for a referral to a new pain doc. (will explain more when not feeling so bitter/crappy)

so anyways on Thursday I tried to stop in to see him, before seeing Endo specialist so that I could show him the results also. But the other doc was still sick.

This was all Thursday, I was feeling really rough but still able to move just delayed timing.

I knew if I finished that day without my period I would reach a 33day cycle. And I did.on Friday morning I had an appointment at a alt-massage guys place to have an ionic cleans (foot thing, it’s weird. will also explain later....)

I started feeling too much pain while there but I thought it was perhaps just how I was sitting adding to pain.

It wasn’t.

I had actually eaten breakfast, so no issues with taking the anti-inflammatory my pain doc had prescribed the moment I got to my parents, but the pain just kept mounting. soon I realized my period had started (this is Friday) and pain is so bad I can barley move, and am to nauseated due to pain to eat.

After the day of pain, by 6pm I decided I couldn’t take the pain anymore, and my mom was home so asking to go to the hospital was an option without meaning scot had to stop working. So off we went.
Later he met me and my mom there and eventually I got in. and life improved once in a bed to start with rather than the wheel chair (could barely walk).

I was given a shot of dilaudid in my belly, only took a little pain away but left me nauseated extreme. Then a shot of graval that slowly helped with nausea, and then another shot of dilaudid.

By the time we got out of there it was 3:10am. Made me wish I could have been able to give Scott’s sister an answer when she called and ended up asking us "well when you are leaving (the ER)" well... were in the waiting room, it’s not yet 10pm, I WISH we knew, and I WISH it was soon. But come-on.... it’s the ER and since I am not visually gushing blood, or a child I am taken last.

The ER doctor gave me a prescription for pain meds, which are not Demerol so does not interfere with my getting off Demerol. (yay) and perhaps this will make it clear to my pain doc, that my period is my WORST time, and yes he has been given me to help me with my chronic pain, however as bad as it is, being all the time, my worst pain is on my period. Yet his advice for me was take a Midol. Hopefully can get something from the hospital, or can explain clearly to him what happened so he can start to be realistic for that, if not I will be hunting for another referral to another pain doc I have been told about, that has treated persons with my condition!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

hello, what is endometriosis, and awaiting my "bad days" with no medication to help.

I am Canadian, been all my life.
Born and raised in ontario.

My life was rather pain free untill the age of 14.
Then the pain began just as my period did.
Almost 4 years later i would learn that my pain, short cycles, and (eww) heavy bleeding were all because of a disease known as Endometriosis.

What is Endometriosis, well that i hope to answer many times, and many ways in this blog.
But i will start with cutting from "the endometriosis association".

Endometriosis is a painful, chronic disease that affects 5 1/2 million women and girls in the USA and Canada, and millions more worldwide. It occurs when tissue like that which lines the uterus (tissue called the endometrium) is found outside the uterus -- usually in the abdomen on the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and ligaments that support the uterus; the area between the vagina and rectum; the outer surface of the uterus; and the lining of the pelvic cavity. Other sites for these endometrial growths may include the bladder, bowel, vagina, cervix, vulva, and in abdominal surgical scars. Less commonly they are found in the lung, arm, thigh, and other locations.

This misplaced tissue develops into growths or lesions which respond to the menstrual cycle in the same way that the tissue of the uterine lining does: each month the tissue builds up, breaks down, and sheds. Menstrual blood flows from the uterus and out of the body through the vagina, but the blood and tissue shed from endometrial growths has no way of leaving the body. This results in internal bleeding, breakdown of the blood and tissue from the lesions, and inflammation -- and can cause pain, infertility, scar tissue formation, adhesions, and bowel problems.

i am starting this blog, since i want to have one, that is about my pain (chronic) that people who either suffer from chronic pain can relate to me, or those who know me can learn to understand things more posibly.

Today i sit here in pain (sitting alone is causing me more pain then laying down was), however i am now in the same room as Scott so we can chit-chat.
I am not to take my perscribed pain meds, my "copeing meds" that were perscribed to me are less effective then i find advil liquid jells to be (and for my daily pain, useless, ... my bad days.. WOW. i think M&M's could work better since at least they are fun coloured so they make me smile. And the chocolate creats happy endorphins!) So the meds i have to make my daily pain "manageble" is of no use to me, I AM takeing it though.... and nooo demerol.. the pain is not sickening today but often is the last few days (now i have to take anti-nausia meds just to not throw up from the pain at times, on my normal days)

My worrie lies with the fact i know i will have some "bad days" comming up. These bad days generaly require the use of heat pads, max demerol, and anti-nausia meds to not be begging to go to emerge to get a shot or iv pain meds. Well this time, although i still have demerol pills i want to show the doctor i am respecting his choice to get me off demerol, (and i do, i do not however respect his not wanting to give me ANYTHING to help with the pain, not even for the bad days comming this week)

So now i sit and worry, perhaps i will be fine as long as i dont move... at all. And take loads of my perscription anti-nausia meds & Gravol so i can sleep through most pain. But if my bad days are anything like they have been the last 5years without pain meds, i think i will be asking Scott to take me to the ER, yet again.

but who knows.