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I live in chronic pain. The reason for my pain, is Endometriosis. I was diagnosed through surgery when I was 17. I have decided to have this blog, so that those in my life can get a peek into my day to day issues that affect my life in every way.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Original "Boobie Situation" Notification email

Trying to catch this blog up with what has been happening, the info is unlikely to come out in a smooth timeline but i will add dates and such. The issue is most of the time i was unwilling to write as things happened, other times i wrote about things right after but saved the wording without posting, so trying to get it uploaded now the best i can now that i am in a better place emotionally that i have been for the past 3months almost.

This is the email i wrote out ahead of time but sent out the same day my parents and Grandma learned about what i knew as of that moment. Original Email from March 30th 2013

<-- mammogram="" span="">

"Hello everyone, sending this to all I can that might otherwise hear this from someone else so may as well hear it from me, or to those who might care. For those of you who have been wondering what has been going on with me and why I am stressing well this is it.

This march I had breast cancer screening in the form of a mammogram for the first time in years simply as with my family history, medical history and lack of nursing a baby I am considered "high risk"
(add in self exams are next to usless for me imaging is the only real way for me to tell whats going on).  Shortly after my first appointment I was called back for further diagnostic imaging under the story line that "the first set of images weren't very clear", sure okay I didn't question that. When I came back for the 2nd set of mammogram films and later that same day an ultrasound I quickly clued in they were only looking at one side of my chest. By the end of the ultrasound it was very clear they found a lump, a lump that hurt and I could locate on my own now knowing where it was. They also informed me at the end of the ultrasound that I would need a biopsy. (i had felt this lump in the past, but i had felt 3 others recently too so thought nothing of it really as i can always find lumps due to fibrocystic breast)

Breast Ultrasound ---->

 Couple weeks later I had a core needle biopsy and began the dreaded wait for results, being hopeful the results would come in exactly a week later I booked an appointment ahead of time with my family dr., and to my surprise the results were already there, well somewhat. The dr. wouldn't go into much detail about what was found to be honest, I was told at best the tumor is pre-cancerous, at worst its cancer. They also said my file had been sent on to a surgeon who I was being referred to who would perform a lumpectomy on me and from there they would do farther testing once they had the tumor out. The doctor also told me as it stands the statistics I'm looking at are 60%cancer. 

< --- Core needle Biopsy guided by Ultrasound

What it sounds like after thinking about exactly what he did and didn't say to me is that the biopsy perhaps showed both pre-cancerous and cancerous tissue but unlike my dad's throat cancer scare a few years ago they don't want to tell me and get me all scared that there is cancer based on one cell found and then later go in only to discover there only was the one small spot of cancer and they managed to get it all in the biopsy.  Who knows for sure and I won't until after I have surgery. 

My plan was to keep everything to myself (and S and a few very close friends so I didn't go nuts) until I knew if I had cancer or not, that said I also figured I'd have that answer when the biopsy results came in and that I wouldn't be going through more testing and surgery before learning any more.

They already have a rushed appointment for my MRI scheduled this Tuesday (April 2, 2013) , and once the MRI results are in my future surgeons hands I have been told I will be getting an appointment and given my date for surgery. 

So no matter what I am having surgery, if no cancer s found than that's the end of it as far as I understand (besides continual screening) if cancer is found I might have to have more surgery to make sure they got every cell and chemo or radiation or both to treat me. As it stands I have no idea what will happen but as I am 26 with a sore tumor and know I will be having surgery on my breast it's a little frustrating to say the least (and when you add in my other health issues I seem to become a statistical anomaly how can i find myself with a breast tumor even if its "safe" endometriosis, IC and Fibro issues at times all before my 30th birthday it just seems wrong).

From this point I will be much more public about what is going on and trying to keep those who want to know up to date, although I wanted to talk to many people I had to keep it to myself until both S's parents and sister/my parents and my grandma Joan all knew first. Was not allowing the chance of any of them to hear it from someone else or hear something incorrect,  as if any of them heard it from someone else rather than me it would make the situation that much harder for me to explain, and for me sharing this information is what makes me feel more open about it and also gives me the ability to talk about that is going on and de-stress about it. Not going to lie I am hoping it's not cancer but time will tell.

For those of you who were questioning what was going on and thought I was pregnant, no that is not the case at all and should never be the case haha.

If you want to be one to be kept in the loop please make that clear and with what email to message updates at.

Thanks for reading. If you have any specific questions i will do my best to answer."

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