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I live in chronic pain. The reason for my pain, is Endometriosis. I was diagnosed through surgery when I was 17. I have decided to have this blog, so that those in my life can get a peek into my day to day issues that affect my life in every way.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

The "Oh Wow that shouldn't happen" list.

This is going to be an on going list of things that have happened i want to make note of, despite also wishing i could forget or ignore. **  many items missing from list as well... my memory sucks *. This list may come in handy one day, or might just be a depressing timeline of events and situations. If you are about to view it understand to me many of these things written behind the cut are embarrassing to me, or outright humiliating, please don't tease or poke fun.


  • miss-stepped over a baby gate (left foot broke the long bone in foot connected too second smallest toe, ignored for days before getting xrays, bad break, walking cast for 8-12weeks) {2012 or 2011}
  • Bad fall down stairs while rough from post-op infection. (hurt wrist an arm, broke right foot big toe, ankle sprained) {July 2013}
  • Sprayed ankle while sound asleep in bed. {i think early 2014}
  • Fell down stairs 2014 hurt left foot
  • ........... 
  • Woke in the midst of nocturnal enuresis, and ran to the bathroom, luckily i had just started, {late November 2015}
  • Fall down stairs (Right side sprained ankle, broke baby toe bone in half, hurt mid part of my leg {around 1st week of December 2015} 
  • while watching a show i had spontaneous urination when i let out a fart that started and stopped on its own. Not a full bladder worth but a decent amount to where pants rather wet. Went and voided the rest in the bathroom without issue before changing. Jan 11 2016

  • Left house door unlocked when i went out, i was waiting for someone to pick me up and i was sitting on steps but kept going in an doing things, when ride came i greeted her holding my stuff, put stuff in car an we chatted, then someone came by to purchase my drafting table so i dealt with them, then back to chatting on driveway with ride until person we were waiting for showed up, when they did i hopped in the car. Halfway to destination i worried about if i had locked the door or not, i hadn't. {around September 29th 2015 )
  • Left frying pan on, plaited dinner and went upstairs to eat with Scott, a little while after we were done eating Scott went down to get ice-cream and discovered my goof an told me {about December 18th 2015}
  • Flooded the kitchen, put sink tap in the Britta set to slow and went to feed cats planning to deal with tap right after, well i forgot an got distracted and went downstairs. when i came back water was pooring over top of Britta water pitcher, down cabinets and was already across the floor a good distance. many towels to soak up the mess. that said i checked an nothing seemed to be leaking downstairs. {23 December 2015}
  • Made up calender's for everyone, i worked on them for a long while on computer, then printed them out then spent ages on them coloring in the correct dates on multiple calender's. When i proudly showed Scott my work he takes one look at it and asks why does it say "2017".... well becaus i'm an idiot who after hours looking at these calender's never spotted the fuckup, and now has to redo all the steps to make new calenders simple because i missed the largest boldest part of my print off saying the wrong year. January 2016


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