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I live in chronic pain. The reason for my pain, is Endometriosis. I was diagnosed through surgery when I was 17. I have decided to have this blog, so that those in my life can get a peek into my day to day issues that affect my life in every way.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some of my Endometriosis Coping Essentials

1) One of the things I have used for the longest amount of time that I find very helpful since my periods have never like clockwork even while medically regulated.
a website :
I have used it for years so I can check when my last period was and also how long I was bleeding for and also how heavy I was bleeding and I can also add notes, all those features can be used with a free account and there is no time limit on using the site, though last week I did sign up for a 6month paid account since the features paying for look worth it to at least try out (will let people how I think it is later)

2) Rice bag heating pads, anyone who has endo knows of these unless they haven’t had their period very long at all. They can be bought in crafty type stores, online, through a pharmacy or you can even make them. They can get allot hotter than any water bottle and can hold heat longer and can be used often once after the other (though this will destroy them quicker but if you do destroy them you can always open them up, fill them again with some rice from your pantry, or cherry pits .... lots of options and sew it back up. I have made many and bought many, they come in all different shapes and materials.

3) Cloth pads, I started out with these when I was 19 I believe since wearing the disposable plastic ones just seemed to annoy me so much. For people who have a 2-3day period disposables wouldn’t seem as bad but for someone with a really heavy period to the point one must wear a pad when possibly it could arrive otherwise bleed through clothing on the way to the bathroom, and then when I was younger the normal 9 days of bleeding that was allot of time with pads on, and allot of garbage. It was generally about 14days of wearing pads give or take. So I started out making some and wearing them now and then and disposables now and then also. Now I generally buy my pads and they are amazing quality that way and last for a long time (haven’t worn one out yet). With care it is possible to even have unstained ones thanks to something else on my list. Cloth pads also fold up small and wet bags can be bought to store them in. They are very comfortable and can be bought/made to fit your needs or wants.
I have bought mine from: (just bought from, haven’t yet seen or used her pads) (bought from before, larger really indestructible pads) (bought from before, small pads)


Wings Snaped so instead of sticky wings these secure the pad to panties these hold it in place:

4) For all of my cleaning bloodstain needs, come on girls you know this happens Oxyclean powder does the trick! Now that I use cloth pads I actually have fewer leaks because I have pads the size I need so my normal clothes need less stain removing however now I have those pads to clean. For stain free items you can get bloodstains wet hopefully before they dry and then wash in the machine with some Oxyclean and no worries about washing them with other items as long as they are not white. This also works for bedding or loungewear or bed pad (I just use a huge towel double folded under me when I sleep. The fact though is Oxyclean can very often remove old dried bloodstains even in pads. Simply soak item in water for a few minutes before washing with Oxyclean. For those fearing cloth pads means ugly bloodstained pads, this is not the case. When I was soaking pads after use until washing I went over a year and a half without any stains and my pads were lighter and multicoloured. I always buy my oxyclean at costco since its the very best deal and in powder foarm since it works and is so much cheaper.

5) Disposable heat pads that are activated by air (will say on package) and NOT the ones they sell/show on lower pelvic area designed for period pain since I have always found them to be way too small. I like the ones that stick on that are for backs (however the one I will show a picture of have changed their back stickers to wraps). The wrap is nice if you plan on changing clothing often, but the stickers I generally stick to my skin or to a pain of yoga pants I am wearing. I simply use the back heat pads on my front, and although I don’t use these often I do use them when I have to me out and about while either on period or know period is coming from the pain. They help and get nice and hot and very discreet. Though I did learn this weekend that trying to save money by buying a lower name brand is not necessarily worth the savings.

will add more later but need out in the garden at the moment since pain meds finaly kicked in!

what are your endometriosis coping essentials?

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