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I live in chronic pain. The reason for my pain, is Endometriosis. I was diagnosed through surgery when I was 17. I have decided to have this blog, so that those in my life can get a peek into my day to day issues that affect my life in every way.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Boobie Situation Email Update April 27

Boobie update email i sent out as of April 27

"This is an update email, even though i don't feel like there is much to update about. So this is i guess a non-update update. I am sending this because even though there is not much new health related info i know some of what is going on was shared and either details were not expressed clearly or the wrong information was given out. So once again i state as clear as possible, i am being this open about my current health situation so that, that exact scenario doesn't happen.  (That being incorrect information given to others, something i don't want happening).

For those who didn't get my 1st email update about what's been going on i will add it as an attachment you can look over (as this is not an email, i already uploaded the original email to the blog, its the last post), for those who already know was going on here goes the "update" as of today.

April 2nd i went in for my breast MRI (that was ordered by a general surgeon so he'd have the images before meeting me). I had been waiting over 2 weeks since the MRI expecting a call from the surgeons office to be given an appointment as i had been told i would get one as soon as they had received my results. When i gave in and called the surgeons office i was told they hadn't yet received the MRI results as were still waiting, but gave me an appointment anyways, one that was far enough away that they thought they would for sure have the results by then. The appointment they gave me (my pre-op appointment) is may 6th. The next day i called the MRI clinic and asked about my results, they say they had already been sent weeks ago so who knows who dropped that ball, thankfully they sent the mri results again, and this time i know the surgeon has them (as of this past Tuesday April 23rd). This past Friday i was still hoping now that the surgeon had the imaging that they might contact me with a closer appointment and on that hope i put off sharing the date i currently did know with some family who i know wants to know as much as possible in case it the date changed and hoped to know everything (like if i did or did not have cancer) before the end of April so they could go on vacation knowing what the situation was. Clearly this won't be happening. 

 (this is how you look for a breast MRI)

So since the last mass email all thats really happened is i've had my MRI with and without contrast (went smoothly) and been given an appointment date of may 6th to meet my future surgeon (ended up not to be, but at this point i wrote this, this is what i understood). Somewhere in the middle of having my MRI and getting my next breast related appointment i got a copy of my biopsy report (or so i thought, turns out the reception at my family dr. doesn't know a biopsy repot with pathology vs a letter explaining the biopsy); it states  i have a papillary lesion in my left breast but beyond that it only explained how the biopsy was taken (core needle) and size (can't recall the exacts, and am not going to hunt down the photocopy right now either).

For those who want to know a little more;

"Papillary lesions are benign growths in the duct of the breast. They comprise approximately 1 to 3 percent of all lesions sampled by core needle biopsies. Certain breast lesions such as papillary lesions diagnosed as benign on core needle biopsy have cancer at surgical excision and thus should always be removed. The study shows that all papillary lesions of the breast should be surgically excised to avoid missing a cancer"

 When i know more, i will happily share more. Updates will follow my May6th appointment.

Other random tidbits:
Found someone i can get some of the post-op bras i need from :D without having to fork over $60-120 each for them YAY.

Now for my sap-fest:
 In the last Month or so I've also located someone local i can talk with about all of this who understands not only the "Boobie situation" as i like to call it, but the other side of my life, the one that doesn't just disappear because something more scary has shown up. She understands living each day in pain and not always being able to do what others can let alone what we ourselves might want to do on any given day (and by this i mean things like, go for a walk with your partner on a nice day, stand at the counter and wash dishes for a half hour, not exactly extraordinary things). I'm also very thankful for 2 other girlfriends, one i've known from grade 7 and another friend  who i've known less than a year and I am very thankful for their ability to talk me through some of my bigger meltdown days and dealing with some of the drama that apparently comes with multiple illnesses and a breast tumor haha. I'm very thankful for all the love and support i've received from my other friends and family. No matter the outcome of my future surgery i will no doubt keep needing this support so thank you for being there and understanding what i say in these updates, along with and why i a saying it all. S's been great with all of this, and i'm hopeful he will be able to be there for me when my surgery date comes, (either have the day off or can take it off) as i can no longer imagine going in that day without him beside me (this will of course depend on when they book me for surgery).

thanks again for reading this, if you are being sent this and you don't want to be getting these "updates" please simply email me back and let me know and i will make it so you won't receive these messages. (as your choosing to read this on my blog, this doesn't apply simply close the window if you dont want to read this)"

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