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I live in chronic pain. The reason for my pain, is Endometriosis. I was diagnosed through surgery when I was 17. I have decided to have this blog, so that those in my life can get a peek into my day to day issues that affect my life in every way.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

My left boob hurts

Anytime my left breast hurts alone (not both breasts) i cant help but worry.

Today it just keeps hurting.

Now an then i get pains in it, pains that were similar to when the antibiotic resistant staph was literally eating a tunnel through my breast. The fact is i know the wound closed without the infection being killed off.

When the pain shows up in my left breast i cant help but worry what might be happening inside as i know that the same infection that caused such a mess is now sealed inside. You may think that's simply not possible, the doctors wouldn't allow that because of what could happen... but you would be wrong.

So when my breast hurts i have reason to worry, and it scares me more than i'd like to admit but so far its been almost 2 years that the scaring has held shut. (i see weird things going on under it at times like sudden bruising for no reason, but so far so "good"

((Explanation of how i know infection is still inside, along with graphic image of original mess))

At the time of my post-op (lumpectomy) infection, i was given many courses of antibiotics at different dosages and different ways but because they stepped me down on the only medication that did start to work, it made it now ineffective, that didn't mean that they didn't keep trying different med or doses but none killed the infection. When the wound started to close the urgency seemed less and i think received medications once, after that i had another culture that showed i still had the infection running wild. A couple months later the wound closed with the infection still alive. In another couple months and it looked like it was opening up again and i kept getting what looked like mini blood blisters. This made me worried and i wanted to know for certain if infection was still inside as doctors kept telling me that it simply couldn't be or i'd be super sick (i was also told at one point i couldn't have an infection for as long as i was saying i did or i'd already be near death, that was at the 6week mark, keep in mind wound was open over 6months) these things were told to me with no medical backing. I also needed to know if my breast had an infection in it still for practical reasons as do i worry when i get pains or blisters or should i think nothing of it.

After talking with a local small hospital (Groves Memorial Hospital) surgeon i liked an still trusted, i had her take a biopsy, this biopsy was done  almost a year after my introduction to the Guelph hospitals antibiotic resistant staph.... well low and behold the culture showed the same strain of Staph was in my breast as was showing in my breast almost a year before.

This photograph shows the post-op infection wound after it started to heal some (as noted by the smooth edges), but the "tunnel" was large enough for a thumb to fit into and though it had one opening externally the tunnel itself split into 2 directions both of them almost as far as the bottom of my breast, and the other side of my breast (one measured 15cm deep, the other 9cm).

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