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I live in chronic pain. The reason for my pain, is Endometriosis. I was diagnosed through surgery when I was 17. I have decided to have this blog, so that those in my life can get a peek into my day to day issues that affect my life in every way.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Memento the movie got me thinking about how i must find my own way to do things dispite my illness (not that i havent tried time and time again,)

Must try harder, will come up with a list tonight perhaps. a schedual of sorts.

I must learn to do things better. I have to find a system that works for me.
This is about getting needed things around the house done; cleaning, meals, laundry as well as my own personal care. I have to find a way to make things work better for me.

I might later if not feeling well (who knows, not bad now) listen to the archived radio brodcast of invisible illness week about housework, but i get the hinting suspition it will be something along the lines of "clean, and if you get stoped by your illness pray, then clean some more"

Dont get me wrong, i like that i have found that site, but i dont beleive in god. These people however do, STRONGLY its a little tireing. I am betting if i could beleive in god i might not be so bitter about my illness, but i have tried before and time again and i simply can not beleive in god.

I am not knocking those who do, since as i said its likely very helpfull to. I just simply can not.

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