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I live in chronic pain. The reason for my pain, is Endometriosis. I was diagnosed through surgery when I was 17. I have decided to have this blog, so that those in my life can get a peek into my day to day issues that affect my life in every way.

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Good Day

Today is a rare bird, it is a good day. My pain is very low and with the help of Tramadol (long lasting daily painkiller) I am having a very good day. So rarely am I able to accomplish things, and more rarely do I post anything positive on here.

I started out killing time sewing bloomers I promised Nicole to match one of the two “pillow case” dresses I made for Madalynn. I knew the first place i wanted to stop today if I was feeling up to it would be the very local Zehrs, but it wouldn’t open for another hour and a half. Before leaving for my walk with the awesome cart my mom bought me for when I was in Toronto with an apartment a couple flights up (it climes stairs), I started a load of laundry, and washed some dishes along with starting the dishwasher (I love me new kickass dishwasher, since it saves more water cleaning most dishes then I would).

At the store I was looking for toys. We made plans last night that Nicole and Keith and the children would be coming over next Sunday afternoon. Well, since Scott was buying something off of Keith, Keith and Shane (oldest nephew) came over and as the guys chatted out front and I tried to keep Shane busy I was quickly reminded that although we have loads of “toys” here, very few a child can touch since they are model cars, or hot wheels that have been collected, of Meccano that is Scott's. I also quickly realised as Shane kept asking to play on the play station that we don’t likely own one game that is acceptable for a 5year old to play. So my Idea was to put something on the TV and keep an eye on him. Well... we don’t exactly have DVD’s that a child would want to watch. I have some VHS, but a) they are still packed b) I haven’t used the VCR since Scott set it up differently so I am not sure what settings must be chosen in order to make it play. So, point is I put in scoots futurism DVD since it was at least a cartoon and did grab Shane’s attention. So last night was a very vivid reminder we need tops here the three munchkins can actually play with safely.

At Zehrs there were toys but I was disappointed with the selection that was there, however I spotted an “outdoor set” a mini soccer ball, football and a few other things that the boys could enjoy playing with in the backyard. I also found a Sippy Cup for Maddie so that is one less thing they have to bring with them, along with some groceries I know I would need later this week and snacks/treats for when the munchkins are here. I also figured out what to make for dinner, I am going to try tater tot casserole.

Next I stopped by at another store and picked up some figurines and other items. Along with the cups I know Michael uses that are almost spill proof (they I saw as I was paying) and black ribbon that I had hoped to find to go along with the dark purple material I have.

Since I got home I put everything away that I bought all the newly clean dishes and tidied up. And Put together a brownie recipe that is right now in the oven that I wanted to test. (

Hopefully soon, I will post some pics of my most recent sewing endeavours, along with comments on how the brownies turned out, and how tonight’s tater top casserole does.


  1. is awesome--they even have a 5 minute (mini) chocolate cake recipe which helps me through PMS! I have endo also lol and can empathize! Have a blog:
    I do more health updates & rants ...check out the 5 minute chocolate cake in a mug--ce awesome!

  2. yes, is one of my happy places.
    it gets me wanting to try cooking/baking more with the help of the reviews. it is great.