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I live in chronic pain. The reason for my pain, is Endometriosis. I was diagnosed through surgery when I was 17. I have decided to have this blog, so that those in my life can get a peek into my day to day issues that affect my life in every way.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Overall, the day stayed good,

Brownies, weren’t quite sweet enough, tater tot casserole wasn’t thrilling (edible for sure) just not exciting

The point, I hurt.
I think it’s just mean in contrast to most of the day.
Though pain started creeping a bit by about 4pm. and now it’s getting annoying. Very annoying
I think I might have to toy around with when to talked my Tramadol pill each day, since I am getting the feeling my evening pain peaks are at least in part due to the tramadol from the night before wearing off. (Took me 4 weeks to reolize this)

Anyways, last week I was taking them at about 3pm each day and I was for sure observing more pain abound 1pmish. This week I was trying to move the pill to closer to 8 or 9 pm. This however creates another problem (that will be too much info if you know me/Scott very likely. but oh well)
Tonight I took the pill slightly earlier seeing as I felt the pain creeping and was hoping the good day I was having would continue. I was also hoping I could well, have a sex life (what a concept) without needing any pain meds to make it be able to be enjoyable for me.

That the issue though, if I push taking the pill to later at night, it means my pain surge will be later at night (fine if I am asleep, but surge comes before I take the pill. So therefore I am awake). On the other hand if I let it run out about the time I am getting up, I will want to die rather then get out of bed (I know, I remember how much worse morning pain was before this pill. THAT and I have forgotten a pill twice so was very much reminded come morning and the tears from pain.

Dr. M was being a tool last I saw him. He asked "well what causes you pain?" (And no not in a doctor way, if he was doing that it would be fine, but he never really has and I have seen him every 2 weeks since February. I have told him, but he has never asked)
So he was being a jerk when he asked, all snarkiest. And I answered I didn’t know.
Because, in my head what causes me the MOST pain was only worth listing since I am always in pain and almost anything can cause a pain increase.

Next time I see him however, I think I will give him a list. So I shall start now, and write down some of the things I was trying to make light of while talking to Scott about the other morning in bed curled up in a ball in pain.

Things that cause an increase in pain levels:

~Full bladder
~Emptying bladder
~Carrying anything
~Standing (sometimes it doesn’t, most times it does)
~Walking (it makes me use abdominal muscles and that always causes pain) sometimes also the ligaments inside are in pain or near ovaries so therefore the actual motion of walking can be excruciating
~Laughing! (Though hurts less with tramadol YAY)
~Having an orgasm (yes, life DOES suck)
~Eating to quick
~Riding in a car (bumps cause more pain to increase)
~When my abdomen swells (to the point i look 6+months preggers) for no aparent reason (no i have not yet been able to identify what exactly sets off the swelling, however i have learned perscription anti-inflametories do jack all for it (and yet advil liquid jells do somethign slightly, not much... but more than the other drugs)

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  1. don't forget sneezing and coughing!
    as for the swelling...ex-lax helps...but only use it for extreme cases...